About Us

FreeBets.Soccer is an independent, privately run football betting website designed to give punters an edge over the bookmakers. If you bet on football, either casually or professionally, you will find our site to be an invaluable tool.

How It Works

The website is powered by an exclusive statistical database covering every team in all the major European football leagues.

The database was originally used by a small team of professional punters to identify their own value bets. However, now it has been made available to the public, and this site is the result.

Using a unique statistical algorithm, we analyse the betting stats on every fixture, and produce a statistical prediction detailing the probability of each possible outcome. By comparing this with the live odds at the bookies, we are then able to identify value bets which put the odds in your favour.

The model favours a long term approach to betting, with a calm mindset and a sensible and structured approach to money management. Runs of wins and losses can be expected, but providing you use a professional approach, the overall return will be positive over time.

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